Hi, I’m Ambre !

I created Pimambré for people who love fashion, but hate the impact it has on the planet.

I design every piece in my home studio.I make them by hand, just for you. I use deadstock, second hand and vintage fabrics or clothes  to make sure I’m not harming the environment. Each accessory is made to order.  

Since my childhood I've been sewing and making clothes.I first learnt sewing with my grandmother, and myself with a baby sewing machine. I started out designing pockets,bags and skirts for myself. That's why I decided to study art design at college and after that, pattern making.

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life, especially Vintage fashion. I love thrifting , and reworking garments. In 2018 After my years of study I decided to leave the country for one year and I landed down In melbourne, where I met people who gave me the chance and the confidence to create my first collection. and present it on my own fashion show in October 2019.

That’s why, one year later, I launched my website.